Haydn Pure

Pure Haydn - with four of his most popular works in a single programme: the guest performance of the celebrated Freiburg Baroque Orchestra with its concertmaster Petra Müllejans and the fortepiano virtuoso Andreas Staier promises a special highlight in the cultivation of the works of the Genius loci in Esterházy Palace.

Program and cast

Joseph Haydn:

Symphony No. 83 G minor Hob. I:83 "La Poule"
Piano concerto D major Hob. XVIII:11
Variations in F minor for piano solo Hob. XVII:6
Symphony No. 85 B flat major Hob. I:85 "La Reine"

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October 2019

Esterházy Castle

Esterházy Castle is a palace in Eisenstadt, Austria, the capital of the Burgenland state. It was constructed in the late 13th century, and came under ownership of the Hungarian Esterházy family in 1622. Under Paul I, 1st Prince Esterházy of Galántha the estate was converted into a baroque castle which remained the principal residence and center of administration of the family for over 300 years.

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