The multi-instrumentalist leaves his listeners almost breathless after every concert! 

The "Herbert Pixner Project", four thoroughbred musicians and currently one of the most successful and hip acts in the field of "progressive folk music", inspire with extraordinary original compositions and breathtaking improvisations. 

Their music, alpine world music without cultural arbitrariness with peak-high musicality - a musical firework of traditional alpine music, flamenco, gypsy jazz, blues, rock and world music. 

The exceptional musicians Herbert Pixner (diatonic harmonica, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, percussion), Manuel Randi (flamenco guitar, electric guitar, gypsy guitar), Heidi Pixner (harp) and Werner Unterlercher (double bass) with their unconventional line-up build musical bridges between their remote Tyrolean home regions with playful and lascivious gentleness, massive rock and blues riffs, brilliant technique and enormous joy of playing; 

With euphoria, energy, tension, a lot of free improvisation and most recently with a sophisticated stage show on tour: This is the mixture with which the "Herbert Pixner Project" electrifies and inspires the audience. 

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July 2019

Grafenegg Festival of Classical Music, Austria

The Grafenegg Music Festival is a new major international Austrian festival for classical music close to Vienna. The annual festival takes place on the grounds of Grafenegg Castle. Two major venues have been built for the festival in the park of the castle: The open-air stage Wolkenturm (capacity 1,730, opened 2007) as well as the new concert hall Auditorium (capacity 1,372, opened 2008).

The artistic director is pianist Rudolf Buchbinder. The festival's program consists of symphonic and chamber music as well as recitals. International guest orchestras are performing as well as the Austrian Tonkünstler Orchestra, which serves as orchestra in residence. The first festival started on August, 23rd, 2007 and lasted until September, 9th, 2007.

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