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Bach’s Art of the Fugue is unanimously considered one of the highest expressions of Western music. The composer struggled with it for several years and left it incomplete. Even so, the formal architecture on which Bach’s spirit worked shows such perfection that it is an inviolable reference point – almost definitive – for analyzing and understanding the form of the fugue.

Written on four lines, it is still not clear what instruments the composer intended it for and various other solutions have been added to the numerous keyboard versions in recent decades. Ottavio Dantone, with the musicians of the Accademia Bizantina, offers a convincing interpretation.

The evocative atmosphere of the Tapestry Hall in Palazzo Borromeo on the Isola Bella will make this a unique evening, not to be missed.

This concert is part of the thematic area Bach, our contemporary.

Program and cast


Accademia Bizantina
Ottavio Dantone, conductor and harpsichord


J.S. BACH, The Art of the Fugue

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August 2019

Tapestry Hall of Borromeo Palace

The Tapestry Hall is located on the first floor of Palazzo Borromeo, the monumental Baroque palace that overlooks Isola Bella.

It is reached for the concert thanks to a boat organized on the occasion by the Festival, leaving Stresa main pier at 8.00 p.m..

From the Isola Bella pier you can only reach the Palazzo Borromeo by a short walk. You get to the Tapestry Hall by climbing two flights of stairs.

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