Ballet by Marco Goecke
Music by Frédéric Chopin and Claude Debussy
Swiss premiere / Revised Zurich version


Program and cast

Choreography: Marco Goecke 

Musical director: Pavel Baleff 

Stage and costume design: Michaela Springer 

Lighting designer: Udo Haberland 

Dramaturgy: Esther Dreesen-Schaback

Piano: Adrian Oetiker

Ballett Zürich
Junior Ballett
Philharmonia Zürich

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Zurich Opera House

But appearances can be deceptive, as the plot of Franz Schreker’s rarely performed opera Die Gezeichneten demonstrates. In this piece, with which we open the 2018/19 season, the deformed Genoese nobleman Alviano Salvago has created a splendid island of artistic beauty. However, secret orgies of erotic excess are celebrated there, and a clique of violent men deflower the innocent daughters of bourgeois families in the catacombs. This supposed Elysium is unmasked as a place of depravity and perversion. Schreker’s large-scale work reveals an aspiration that is always inherent in the operatic art form – beyond the splendid achievements of singers, visually appealing stage sets and moving music. It plumbs the depths of human existence and illuminates the darkest corners in the soul of the individual, as well as the state of mind of entire societies – undeterred by morality or any current debate about political correctness.

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