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June 2023

Work of | Aristofane
Director | Daniele Salvo
Translator | Nicola Cadoni

Program and cast

In the prologue two servants prepare, with excrement taken from a bucket, focaccia and meatballs of varying consistency for a hungry Scrabble that flies only if strong enough. The winemaker Trigeo (Tryx is the grape must) wants to ride it to Olympus to ask Zeus to stop the war. He finally succeeds, after asking the stage engineer for help, and learns from Ermes that the giant Guerra has locked up the goddess Peace in a cave and is preparing to crush the conflicting Greek cities in a mortar. Several attempts by Trigeo to free Peace fail until he finally makes it, thanks only to the Athenian peasants. Opora (goddess of fruits) and Theoria (goddess of festivals) also come out with Peace. The choir parades and gives voice to the author, claiming the merits of the playwright Aristophane, then participates in the cheerful final party, in a pacified Athens where the wedding of Trigeo and Opora takes place.

Greek Theatre of Syracuse

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