Really Pergolesi? Pulcinella’s opinion

Giovan Battista Pergolesi, who was only 26 when he died in 1736, is a charismatic figure in the early Italian 1700s. Despite the brevity of his career as a composer he left his mark on the Neapolitan music scene, flourishing in the light of sensational discoveries. There was even what one might call an ‘overlap’ when other composers published music under his name, to earn money. Even today there is still doubt about some works believed until recently to be definitely by Pergolesi. So this evening Antonio Florio with the Cappella Neapolitana have assembled a bouquet of Pergolesi ‘fakes’, assisted by the outstanding voice of Pino Di Vittorio, a vital interpreter of a tradition that doesn’t seem to want to fade.


Program and cast


Francesca Boncompagni, soprano
Daniela Salvo, alto
Giuseppe De Vittorio, tenor
Cappella Neapolitana
Antonio Florio, conductor


Music attributed to the myth of Pergolesi

G.B. PERGOLESI, Concerto for flute and strings, in G major (attr.)
G.B. PERGOLESI, “In coelestibus regnis” for alto and strings
G.B. PERGOLESI, Salve regina for alto, soprano and strings (attr.)(Fond. Levi Venezia)
ANONIMO, Canto dei Carrettieri (tradizionale)
G. PAISIELLO, Aria di Pulcinella (from Il Pulcinella Vendicato)
N. GRILLO, Cantata in lingua napoletana “Sosutose ‘no juorno de’ dormire”
G.B. PERGOLESI, Salve Regina in A min. for soprano and strings (attr.)
G.B. PERGOLESI, Concerto for flute and strings, in D major (attr.)
ANONIMO, Salve Regina for alto, soprano and strings (Bibl. S. Pietro at Majella-Na)

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September 2019

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