Schiller Rave with Philipp Hochmair

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January 1970

Finest German poetry meets electro beats: Philipp Hochmair and his band “Die Elektrohand Gottes” transform Schiller's famous ballads into an excessive rock concert. The verses, which are over two hundred years old, are an absolute elixir of life for the actor, nothing to do with compulsory schooling and education, but with techno, industrial and ecstasy. With confrontation!


Philipp Hochmair reaches into Schiller's great linguistic work, searches for the pounding heartbeat of the words, drives an almost unbelievable self-experiment with these literary treasures.

Program and cast


Philipp Hochmair, Voice and Play
Tobias Herzz Hallbauer, Guitar, Sampler, Sound FX
Jörg Schittkowski, Synthesizer, Electronics, Sound Machines
Alwin Weber, Electronics, Sound FX, NoiseToys
Hanns Clasen, Light and Sound Design
Melika Ramic, Production/Assistance


Grafenegg Festival, Austria

The Grafenegg Music Festival is a new major international Austrian festival for classical music close to Vienna. The annual festival takes place on the grounds of Grafenegg Castle. Two major venues have been built for the festival in the park of the castle: The open-air stage Wolkenturm (capacity 1,730, opened 2007) as well as the new concert hall Auditorium (capacity 1,372, opened 2008).

The artistic director is pianist Rudolf Buchbinder. The festival's program consists of symphonic and chamber music as well as recitals. International guest orchestras are performing as well as the Austrian Tonkünstler Orchestra, which serves as orchestra in residence. The first festival started on August, 23rd, 2007 and lasted until September, 9th, 2007.

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