The Marriage of Figaro

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January 1970

Program and cast

Conductor: Thomas Hengelbrock
Stage Director: Lotte de Beer
Stage Designer: Rae Smith
Costume Designer: Jorine van Beek
Lighting Designer: Alex Brok
Dramaturge: Peter te Nuyl
Il Conte di Almaviva: Gyula Orendt
La Contessa Almaviva: Jacquelyn Wagner
Susanna: Julie Fuchs*
Figaro: Andrè Schuen
Cherubino: Lea Desandre*
Marcellina: Monica Bacelli
Il Dottor Bartolo: Maurizio Muraro
Don Basilio / Don Curzio: Emiliano Gonzalez Toro*
Barbarina: Elisabeth Boudreault
Antonio: Leonardo Galeazzi
Chorus: Chœur du Cnrr de Marseille
Orchestra: Balthasar Neumann Ensemble

*former artists of the Académie

Theater of the Archbishop

With its grand staircase, medieval arches and 17th century wings enclosing an almost square space, the courtyard of the former archbishop’s palace in Aix is a jewel in the architectural crown of Aix-en-Provence and one of the locations that most memorably evokes the past of its historic centre. It was made into a theatre in 1948 and is now the venue most closely associated with the Festival.

It was last refurbished in 1998, when the facades were restored and work was undertaken to create a special relationship between stage and audience. Every summer, the Théâtre de l’Archevêché exudes a magical atmosphere, which François Mauriac described as reminiscent of “Don Juan among the stars”.

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