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1. Act
The crowd gathered outside the gates of Beijing listens to the declaration of the Emperor's orders: the man who is able to solve three riddles shall win Princess Turandot's hand in marriage.He who fails shall lose his head. Calaf, a Tartar prince, who had to flee from his enemy-occupied country hears the statement. In the crowd he finds his father, King Timur, who is accompanied by his faithful slave girl Liu. Calaf is delighted by this meeting with his father. Preparations for the execution of a Persian prince, who was a candidate for the hand of Turandot, are under way. Princess Turandot arrives and Calaf, struck by her beauty, decides to take the test. Both Timur and Liu, and three royal ministers, fail to deter him. The gong strikes and he announces himself as a suitor for the princess.


2. Act
The ministers Ping, Pang and Pong are tired of the eternal executions of the Princess's suitors, whose number is constantly growing. And now another fool is putting himself forward. The crowd in front of the Imperial Palace watches as another suitor enters the fray. Even Emperor Altoum questions his intention, but the Prince insists. Turandot arrives, and she tells how long ago China was ruled by her grandmother Lou-Ling. She was kidnapped by the Khan of the Tartars, who attacked and looted the whole country and violated Lou-Ling. This is how Turandot took revenge against men and she therefore never wants to know what love is. Calaf solves the three riddles, but Turandot refuses to accept him as her husband. When the prince sees her resistance, he does not wish to use violence to assert his victory. He offers Turandot also the opportunity to guess - if by dawn she can guess his name, he promises to undergo death.


3. Act
Turandot sends troops into the streets of Beijing to find out the name of the unknown man. The Ministers offer the Prince great riches if he tells them who he is. The servants drag in Timur and Liu, in whose company the Prince was seen, and forced them to disclose his name. Turandot herself wants to know the answer and Liu, in order to save Timur from torture, claims that only she knows the Prince. Even torture does not cause her to reveal her secret. Finally, Liu rips a dagger from one of the guards and stabs him with it. The Prince accuses Turandot of cruelty. He tears off her veil, kisses her and whispers his name to her. Turandot asks him to appear with her before the people. Turandot reveals the solution to the the puzzle before the Emperor: the name of the unknown Prince is love.

Program and cast


8th of July 2020




St. Margarethen Quarry


ca. 2.5 hours (incl. intermission)

Römersteinbruch Sankt Margarethen

The Festival arena in the Römersteinbruch St. Margarethen is Europe's biggest natural stage. The open-air concert hall has an area of 7,000 square metres, with space for 4,670 people. Its unique acoustics and its special atmosphere alone make it the perfect place to experience the thrilling world of opera. The impressive setting arouses emotions that go beyond the confines of music.

Unforgettable experience

The monumental rockface, the unique acoustics and the special climate and the fauna and flora all contribute to an unforgettable evening at the opera. The Festival arena in the Roman quarry arouses emotions, creates tension and brings people closer. An exclusive location that our audiences return to time after time.


The St. Margarethen Opera Festival is about 70 km from Vienna.

From Vienna

• A2 towards Graz
• At the Guntramsdorf intersection switch to the A3 towards Eisenstadt / Neusiedler See
• Take the Eisenstadt Süd exit, then turn right on to the B52 going towards St. Margarethen
• At the next roundabout take the second exit and follow the road
• At the roundabout at the far end of St. Margarethen, take the second exit
• You'll see a green sign marked "Festspielgelände": turn left, park the car and enjoy your evening!

From Graz

• A2 towards Vienna
• At the Wiener Neustadt intersection switch to the S4 towards Eisenstadt / Mattersburg
• At the Mattersburg intersection switch to the S31 towards Eisenstadt / Sopron
• Take the Eisenstadt Süd exit, then turn right on to the B52 going towards St. Margarethen
• At the next roundabout take the second exit and follow the road
• At the roundabout at the far end of St. Margarethen, take the second exit
• You'll see a green sign marked "Festspielgelände": turn left, park the car and enjoy your evening!

From Linz

• At the Steinhäusl intersection, switch to the A21 towards Wien Süd / Graz
• At the Vösendorf intersection, switch to the A2 towards Eisenstadt / Graz wechseln
• At the Guntramsdorf intersection, switch to the A3 towards Eisenstadt / Neusiedler See
• Take the Eisenstadt Süd exit, then turn right on to the B52 going towards St. Margarethen
• At the next roundabout take the second exit and follow the road
• At the roundabout at the far end of St. Margarethen, take the second exit
• You'll see a green sign marked "Festspielgelände": turn left, park the car and enjoy your evening!
There are plenty of parking spaces available at no charge on the Festival site!


Experience stone quarry

Since 1996, the stone quarry of St. Margarethen has been a meeting place for international opera friends in Europe. The location at the center of a historically significant cultural landscape promises a journey into unique worlds of experience.

With the quality claim to offer popular and high-quality opera productions, the opera in the Steinbruch is the same attraction for an enthusiastic audience as well as for international opera stars and musicians.

Under the private foundation Esterházy as owner, this location experienced a comprehensive expansion in 2006. The young, international architectural group AWG from Vienna has understood this with a sense of sensitivity to give the sensitive space a very exciting architecture.



Festival Area

The Steinbruch in St. Margarethen is one of the most beautiful and imposing open-air arenas in Europe, with two stages of unique atmosphere and acoustics: the main stage with 7,000 m2, a huge open-air concert hall with almost 5,000 spectator seats and the Ruffini stage with up to 2,300 seats . It was named after Romulo Ruffini, the head of Prince Esterházy's stone quarry.

A modern infrastructure provides you with numerous amenities during your visit to the Opera in the Steinbruch. The access to the quarry through a spacious ramp provides a special experience: wonderful views of the landscape surrounding the quarry, as well as a first glimpse into the cultural experience to be expected. From here, visitors can already take a look at the stage (s), the opera lounge, the rocky crags and the lively activity before a wonderful opera performance.



An evening at the Opernlounge in the Steinbruch St. Margarethen is an experience for all senses! Here, a stylish stage for undisturbed receptions, private jubilees as well as representative events with friends or business partners is offered. Our catering partner serves delicious delicacies and fine wines. Bookable for small groups from 2 persons or companies up to 200 persons.

Gastronomy in the foyer

In the large foyer park international specialties and regional delicacies are served. Enjoy the culinary pleasures before the performance and during the break, be it small snacks or hot dishes and sweet delicacies for coffee. The special offer is rounded off by noble wines from the Esterházy vineyard and the winegrowing community "the st. Margarethener".



Accessibility & Shuttleservice


For people with handicaps, the opera in the Steinbruch offers a special service on site as well as discounts on ticket purchases.

Special parking spaces

Visitors with wheelchairs have their own parking area in the parking lot at the festival grounds. This is assigned by the folder staff on site. We appreciate your understanding that there is only a limited number of parking spaces available.

Barrier-free access

The access to the grounds of the opera in the Steinbruch and to the tribune is via a barrier-free ramp and is therefore also suitable for people with handicaps or wheelchair users.

Accessible toilets

There are barrier-free and wheelchair-accessible toilets on the festival grounds.

Discounts for people with disabilities

People with handicap receive 10% discount for a card on the normal price in all categories (except footless rows). Wheelchair users and their accompanying persons receive a 50% discount on the standard price for the wheelchair spaces defined in the seating plan

Shuttle service from the parking area to the grandstand

People with disabilities and elderly persons with reduced mobility are offered free transportation from the main entrance to the stone quarry to the grandstand. The shuttle bus provided for this purpose is equipped with wheelchair access and is supervised by qualified personnel


Traveling from Vienna


A2 direction Graz • at junction Guntramsdorf change to A3 direction Eisenstadt / Neusiedler See • exit Eisenstadt Süd, follow the B52 in the direction of St. Margarethen • take the second exit at the next roundabout and follow the road • at the roundabout at the end of St. Margarethen follow the Take the second exit • turn left at the green sign "Festspielgelände" You are located in the parking lot of the opera in the Steinbruch.



Bad weather

Weatherproof clothing

The performances at the Steinbruch St. Margarethen are open-air and are performed in the open air. The performances take place, if necessary, even in unfavorable weather. For this reason, we advise our guests to wear rainproof, warm clothing and solid shoes in case of bad weather forecast.

Cancellation, postponement and interruption

Cancellation can only take place at the beginning of the performance and can only be pronounced on the spot by the local festival committee. The Festiviteitung reserves the right to postpone the beginning of the introduction or to interrupt the performance due to weather conditions.

Weather report

The current weather report can also be found at www.zamg.ac.at

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