Concert Series at Philharmonic Theatre Verona

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The Philharmonic Theatre in Verona hosts symphonic concerts featuring internationally renowned artists and conductors.

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Teatro Filarmonico

The Teatro Filarmonico or Verona Philharmonic Theatre is the main opera theater inVerona, Italy, and is one of the leading Opera Houses in Europe. Having been built in 1716, and later rebuilt after a fire of January 21, 1749, and again after the allied bombing of February 23, 1945.


Verona needed an opera house, so it was decided in the early 18th century to build a theatre worthy and large. Work began in 1716 and lasted 13 years. Finally, inauguration was on the evening of January 6, 1732, with the pastoral drama La Fida Ninfa by Antonio Vivaldi, a libretto by Scipio Maffei. The opera season became famous, and the performances led society events. But on January 21, 1749, fire eventually spread in the theatre. Rebuilt, the theater was re-dedicated in 1754 with the opera Lucio Vero by Neapolitan composer Davide Perez. The opera had a limited success. Corsican in the 18th century, during the French invasion, a long series of celebrations were held in the theater, such as the Cantata per la Santa Alleanza ("Cantata for the Holy Alliance") of Gioachino Rossini. The theater hosted international singers, and among its repertoire appear the most famous works of Italian and foreign melodrama.


On the tragic night of February 23, 1945, the theater collapsed under the Anglo-American bombing. The Academy Philharmonic announced that it would try to rebuild the theatre exactly as it had been before. The proceedings lasted a long time: the theatre was inaugurated again in 1975, with the opera Falstaff by Antonio Salieri.

The theatre still hosts in the winter season works, ballets and concerts. 

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