Malandain Ballet Biarritz

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July 2024

Initiated by the Royal Opera of Versailles and given for the first time
in November 2023 at the Cannes Dance Festival, Les Saisons
is the last ballet created by the choreographer Thierry Malandain who
chose to interweave the famous Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi
(1678-1741) several pages from those, less known, of Giovanni
Antonio Guido (1675-1729), contemporary and compatriot of the “redhead priest”.
“Under the influence of the number four, closely linked to creation,
to balance, to harmony, we can first say that the Seasons
by Guido awaken the memory of “the beautiful dance”, born in the 17th century
of the ideal of governing one's body and mind and of moving
with grace, accuracy and lightness. Observing furthermore that the figure
four is likened to the Earth and the wheel of life, which does not turn
not always roundly, or even downright crooked to the eye
of the ugliness, the stupidity, the inhumanity that proliferates.
It’s with Vivaldi’s Seasons that it’s about being moved by it
through a more natural dance, more human too.
Finally, to spice it all up with poetic fantasy, and with
These two words, you have the essential. In a decoration of black petals
spreading across the entire horizon, winged beings mourn for the spirit
and clarity. For what? Because The Seasons are just a ballet
and that there is nothing more serious than improbable things. »

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Chorégies d'Orange Festival

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