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July 2024

Synopsis to Sigfried - Bayreuth Festival 2016

Place and time of German mythology.

On their flight Sieglinde has come in the deep forest in the cave of the Nibelung Mime, the artful blacksmith , and has the boy Siegfried born , after whose birth she died. Mime has raised the boy. The pieces of the broken sword is weld together again but even he did not succeed.

Act I

With a captive bears Siegfried returns from the forest back in Mimes cave. Mime has forged a sword , but he smashes it with a single blow . When he mime the pieces of the sword shows that bore his father when he was defeated in the last battle , Siegfried recognizes the particular weapon and calls for him to mime , they weld together for him. Mimes complaints about his ingratitude and the enumeration of all the benefits that the dwarf has shown him , Siegfried can not prevent to show his natural abhorrence of the Nibelung. He storms out into the forest.

Wotan, who roams the world as a wanderer , enters Mimes cave. For three questions, which should make him mime , he puts his head as a deposit. Mimes questions about the sexes who live in the underworld , on earth and in heaven , answered the Wanderer effortlessly (" On the cloudy heights , perched high gods" ) . Then he presents himself to the blacksmith three questions, the last , who was able to weld the pieces of the sword , is not able to answer Mime. Now his life is forfeited to the traveler , who gives the answer himself : Only those who have not learned the meaning of fear , will unite the pieces of the sword again, this will also be subject to Mime. Laughing leaves the hiker the frightened dwarf.

Siegfried storms back into the cave and insulted mime who still has not forged the sword . Now he makes himself to work. While Mime realizes that this is the hero who knows no fear , Siegfried forges itself Nothung rubble back together (" Excalibur ! Nothung ! Coveted Sword "). Mime Siegfried will lead to the dragon's cave , where Siegfried is to win the Nibelungenhort for him. Then he wants to kill the young hero by a poisonous drink and own the gold and the ring. Siegfried finished his work ( "What creates the boobies there ? ... Forging my hammer, a hard sword") and splits at the end of the anvil by a single blow from top to bottom . Exulting he holds up the sword.

Act II

Before Fafner's Nest, the " Neidhöhle ," Alberich in crouches dull idea that the hero who will win the hoard , was no longer distant. Wotan appears and warns him of Mime's greed for the ring. Then he wakes up the sleeping Fafner , the Alberich announcing the approaching Siegfried , and promises when Fafner give him the ring that he would save him from the hero. But Fafner does not care , he feels secure in the possession of the hoard . Siegfried and Mime appear before the Neidhöhle . Siegfried knows no fear of the eerie place . Mime challenges him to a fight with the dragon on in the hope that Siegfried is subject and thus of the Wanderers is contradicted prophecy. Left alone, Siegfried settles under a lime tree . He thinks of his father and feels relieved that it is not mime . Also, to the dead mother ( "The fact that my father is not " ) move his thoughts.

With his horn-call it attracts a forest bird , but the sound has aroused Fafner , who shows him spitting fire as ghastly dragon. Siegfried killed him after a brief struggle. Dying, Fafner warns him before the treacherous Mime. When Siegfried touches his mouth with the blood of the dragon , he suddenly understands the language of the Forest Bird , who asked him to fetch from Fafner's cave and the tarnhelm the ring. While Siegfried descend , get Mime and Alberich in dispute over the hoard , but back off quickly , as Siegfried returns to the ring and the tarnhelm from the cave. Mime Siegfried now offers its poisonous potion , but the blood of the dragon has also made ​​it noisy. He hears Mimes evil thoughts as spoken words . With one blow he kills him , whereupon Alberich with derisive laughter disappears in the forest. When Siegfried tired stretches under the linden tree , the forest bird talks back to him, and promises to lead him to a beautiful woman who sleep on an area surrounded by flames rocks and only which is likely to be won , who had not learned to fear . Siegfried follows the bird enthusiastically.


Wotan summons Erda to her to ask about the future (" guard Wala "). But their knowledge does not satisfy him , he sunk it in eternal sleep . He wants to voluntarily leave the power to the young hero , able to awaken Brünnhilde . Then the unfortunate ring to return to the Rhine daughters and the curse of Alberich be extinguished. At dawn Siegfried appears. The forest bird retires before Wotan . With his spear Wotan , Siegfried blocking the way , but he smashes the weapon with Excalibur ; Wotan's power is broken . Fearless , Siegfried plunges into the sea of ​​flames and reach the summit (" Blessed Ode on a sunny Hoh ' "). The fire retreats , and Siegfried sees the sleeping Brünnhilde , whom he wakes after a timid hesitation by a kiss . Slowly wakes Brünnhilde and welcomes the light of day ( "Hail , Sun "). It recognizes the hero who has awakened her and before she is without protection. In vain she begs him to leave her and to think of his mission as the Lord of the world . She succumbs to his stormy advertising, in blissful frenzy they fall into each other's arms.

Program and cast

Orchestra of the Tyrolean Festival Erl

Musical direction Erik Nielsen

Directed by Brigitte Fassbaender

Stage design & costumes by Kaspar Glarner

Light Jan Hartmann

Video Bibi Abel

Dramaturgy Mareike Wink

Passionsspielhaus Erl

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