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The Norwegian Coast, 1650

Act One

Daland's ship was caught on the way home from the storm and anchored in a bay to wait for favorable weather . The team goes to rest. Also, the scheduled of Daland as a guard helmsman falls asleep ( "With tempest and storm "). - With blood- red sails is approaching fast driving in a black ship and throws next to Daland vehicle anchor. A pale man in dark clothing enters the shore. It is the Flying Dutchman , who was condemned for blasphemy to restless to sail the seas. He may go ashore only once every seven years . The love of a faithful woman alone can save him . Once again, the seven years elapsed ( monologue " The time is around ").

Daland noticed the ship and comes with the stranger in conversation, the rich for him shelter in his house treasures offers . As Daland his question , if he had a daughter in the affirmative, he immediately asks for her hand. Daland sees the man a rich son and tells him to return home the same to compete with him. Both ships put to sea .

Act Two

In Daland's house sitting the girls , among them Daland's daughter Senta , while spinning . Senta alone is as caught up , again and again she looks at the picture of the Flying Dutchman , that legendary figure who is well known to all maritime nations . She sings her girlfriends a ballad in which the sad lot of the Restless portrayed . They increase in ecstasy , they themselves would like to make the sacrifice and the unfortunates redeem ( ballad " Johohoe ! Traft her the ship in the sea at "). <

Erik , Senta's fiancé , enters and reports that the father had come home. Senta's strange excitement touched him painfully . He tries as often , take her heart for himself. Senta rejects him . Alarmed , he tells her a dream in which she sea hinauszog with a stranger ( scene " On a high rock "). But in this story Senta sees an indication of their duty to redeem the unfortunate . Horrified, leaves Erik 's beloved girl. Daland enters and is wordy before the stranger , which is not only a guest of the house, but also a candidate for her hand was ( aria " Mög'st you , my child "). Hardly Senta respects to the father's words , they are aghast and the Dutchman opposite each other ( duet " As from afar long obsolete times "). Senta praised him eternal loyalty , the stranger she warns against the Los self-chosen , yet it sees its task in the sacrifice of love . The Dutchman feels the first time , hoping to escape his curse.

Act Three

At the shore in front of Daland's house , the villagers and the Norwegian sailors celebrate the safe return ( Choir " helmsman , let the Watch "). The vessel of the Dutchman is black and silence . As the revelers over the call and apparently dead team mock , the ghost ship suddenly awakened to schaurigem life. Dull songs resound across, the ghostly crew shows up , and a storm is chasing the good society apart. Once again Erik tries Senta hold of her projects , imploringly , he reminds them of his love and faithfulness ( aria " Want of that day "). The Dutchman has both observed from afar and believes that Senta falter in their loyalty . He orders his crew to make clear to the ship . Heedless of Senta's protestations that he is preparing to leave. The hurrying people he reveals with passionate words, his terrible fate. Also Senta would succumb to the eternal damnation. Just because they have not praised the loyalty front of the altar , they could be saved . But Senta sealed their loyalty with death from a cliff she throws herself into the sea. At the same time the ghostly ship sinks , and the Dutchman is now saved. Like a vision floating both figures the sky.

Program and cast

Bayreuth Festival

The Bayreuth Festival (German: Bayreuther Festspiele) is a music festival held annually in Bayreuth, Germany, at which performances of operas by the 19th-century German composer Richard Wagner are presented. Wagner himself conceived and promoted the idea of a special festival to showcase his own works, in particular his monumental cycle Der Ring des Nibelungen and Parsifal.

Performances take place in a specially designed theatre, the Bayreuth Festspielhaus. Wagner personally supervised the design and construction of the theatre, which contained many architectural innovations to accommodate the huge orchestras for which Wagner wrote as well as the composer's particular vision about the staging of his works. The Festival has become a pilgrimage destination for Wagner enthusiasts, who often must wait years to obtain tickets.

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